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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  November 29, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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that 2-month-old little girl lexi zirin ski was beaten to death. the man suspected of doing it charged with first-degree murder, her dad. back to you. >> all right, derek. thank you for that. our other top story tonight, president obama calls for a two-year pay freeze on all civilian federal workers. >> getting this deficit under control is going to require some broad sacrifice and that sacrifice must be shared by the employees of the federal government. >> that pay freeze would eliminate a 1.4% cost of living raise that federal workers were counting on in 2011. >> the president said it will save $2 billion next year and $5 billion over two years. scott broom is talking to federal workers tonight and the people who depend on them to make their living. scott? >> reporter: here at metro station in greenbelt a big parade of federal workers going home tonight and not a lot of big smiles for obvious reasons.
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talk about a company town, washington, d.c. region, 336,000 people in this region on the federal payroll and i ran some of the numbers for you about how this will all add up. federal workers arriving home tonight react to the news of the pay freeze. >> i don't think it's fair. >> what i'm surprised is that it's for two years. >> reporter: 27% of workers in washington, d.c. alone are employed by the federal work force. the numbers are staggering. 330,000 people in the region taking home about $102 million a day in pay. the loss of a 1.4% pay raise in 2011 may not sound like much to one person, but in the washington area, that means about $1.4 million a day does not get taken home next year and doesn't get spent. some workers said a pay freeze puts another chill on the idea of making big purchases like a car. >> well i think it was
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expected. >> reporter: but auto dealers are hoping that a generally improving economy will make up for what is lost with federal workers in the region. >> consumers have become accustomed in the last 12-18 months based on today's environment rather than what could be in 12 months, 16 months or 18 months so i don't see that effecting our business very much at all. >> the economy still is going to go on. the price -- the cost of living is still going to go up. so it's just -- we'll have to do the best we can. >> reporter: you have to remember when you talk about the economy in our region, the unemployment rate around here is 6.9%, far below the national average which is close to the 10% mark. so as you heard business people say, it's not good news but they really -- especially considering the unemployment rate -- do not consider this a
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crushing blow but just not great news. reporting live from the greenbelt station. scott broom. well they are hurting the businesses and nonprofits working for the community. that is what is described as the people breaking into well- known sites in south east d.c. leaders are asking for more police presence. >> been ransacked, everything up in here. >> reporter: this is all left of the peaceaholics office following a weekend break-in. >> took the sony computer with our records on it. >> reporter: they are a nonprofit that made it's name using ex offenders to help keep the peace among fighting neighborhood gangs and crews. >> they dropped it from the window and carried it back here and bustd it open. >> reporter: this is one of several recent burglaries in the area. >> then they took the trash can, sit it down like this,
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stood on top of here, and climbed through this window. >> reporter: thanksgiving night burglars hit the offices of the informer newspaper. >> we realized that the office has been broken into and lost a computer. >> reporter: and only martin luther king avenue, it appears the same burglars broke into the amen computer center that trained more than 700 people last year for free. >> for me, it was a violation for someone to come in and take what is for them. >> reporter: four computers, a video camera and webcam were stolen. today a lot of businesses are having to do something they can't afford to do. they're increasing security. that means new alarm systems, additional security bars. >> well i wouldn't think that the least that we could get from our 7th district police officers is a customer service visit and to assure us that they're going to be out here and presence in the community. >> reporter: police have
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suspects or a special task force now assigned to the area -- if they do, they are not saying. >> we've been in touch with the d.c. police department public information office to get a official response to the burglaries. we're still waiting for the response. the washington post reports a federal investigation into corruption in prince george's county has netted at least 46 police officers, only three of the suspects have been linked to the case of county executive jack johnson also being investigated. officers under scrutiny have either been suspended or given administrative duties through this. the post reports investigators believe the officers committed a crime in at least 19 cases. the third suspect charged with killing a popular middle school d.c. principal is expected to enter a plea deal. 19-year-old joel johnson will plead guilty in montgomery county for his alleged role in the robbery and murder of brian betts. two others have already pled guilty. betts was found murdered inside
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his silver spring home in april. a potomac, maryland teen was sentenced to 25 years in prison for killing a gaithersburg man. 18-year-old emily geller pled guilty to killing ollie czar in 2009. he oozed sex to lure the salesman down a dark beth near bellsmill elementary. her boyfriend then hit the man in the head with a shovel. ellis has been sentenced to 25 years in prison. a maryland judge rejected a plea deal from a man accused of throwing his 3-year-old off a baltimore bridge. steven nelson is accused of throwing his son off the key bridge in february of 2008. the child's body was found five months later. nelson had worked out a plea deal with prosecutors but the judge rejected the agreement, calling it too light. nelson it due back in court tomorrow. tonight the obama administration is moving to
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condemn a move from an online whistleblower. wiki leaks released thousands of documents from diplomats around the world. joel brown is live with the latest on the fallout. >> reporter: a lot of the revelations amount to political gossip but the administration fears there is a deeper danger in the airing of this diplomatic dirty laundry. the nation's top diplomat tried to mend fences after the massive leak of stolen secrets. >> the united states deeply regrets the disclosure of any information that was intended to be confidential. >> reporter: secretary clinton has her work cut out for her. whistleblower website wiki leaks released a quarter of a million secret diplomatic documents, classified cables, including details like the saudi king's suggestion the u.s. attack iran's nuclear program. one cable describes hamid karzai as driven by paranoia.
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another calls german leader merkel rarely creative. all information never intended to be public. >> this disclosure is not just an attack on america's foreign policy interest, it is an attack on the international community. >> reporter: but the government said the leaks are more than just embarrassing, they could endanger the lives of confidential sources and prompted a government-wide review of how the u.s. protects it's classified information. >> the u.s. government is going to have to demonstrate to foreign counterparts that we can keep secrets. >> reporter: the founder defends the leak, accusing the obama administration of covering up human rights abuses and other criminal behavior. and the fallout may be far from over. wiki leaks has thousands more documents yet to be released. much of what was leaked should have remained classified for at least the next 20 years or so. the secretary of state has spent the last several days making phone calls to colleagues overseas, making
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personal apologies. anita. >> and on that note, do we know what kind of reaction the secretary of state is getting from foreign officials, especially when their officials are named? >> reporter: secretary of state clinton said one foreign official said to her, don't worry about it. you should hear what we say about you. that's a light-hearted reaction. but of course the fear here is that foreign officials won't want to have the same kind of open discourse with the u.s. if they fear what they say won't stay private. >> joel brown, thank you so much. it's one week to the day a teenage girl said she was raped by six male students inside dunbar high school. >> this afternoon the teachers union held an emergency meeting with security is a big concern. that meeting has just wrapped up. our delia gonsalves has the latest on the chilling investigation. >> reporter: dismissal the dunbar high school and police cover every corner. since a now 15-year-old girl
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said she was raped by six boys inside a stool stairwell last month. the victim who reported the incident when she got home on monday night told detectives the sixth boys attacked her and a 7th boy covered her mouth to keep her from screaming. >> it could be true. >> it's not good. it's not a good thing at all. >> any time a child is raped in a building, there is a problem. >> reporter: the teachers union calling a meeting to discuss school safety. this letter sent home to parents today said the alleged attack happened in an unused portion of the building. today it said more staff and police patrolled the hallways but teachers say it's simply not enough. >> this is more of a symptom of a larger problem, and that is d.c. public schools needs to get very serious about safety and discipline in our schools. >> when i heard that, it's to the point i want to take him out because he wants to get out
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and leave. >> and teachers at dunbar high school say they've been complaining about online gang violence on campus. according to the police report, the victim told investigators that at tackers were gang members. d.c.'s mayor elect vincent gray said he supports measures at aiming the city schools to crack down on bullying and they would require the school system to define bullying behavior and to protect students. gray spoke out at a hearing today and the hearing comes after a series of incidents involving bullying, some ending in suicide. sky 9 was over frederick county this morning where police arrested and charged a woman with drunk driving after they say she crashed her car into at least two homes. it happened along manor drive in mt. airy, maryland. police say the driver crashed through the front door of one home, backed out and struck a parked car in the process. then struck another home a few doors down. you can look at the damage
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there. luckily to one was hurt. but building inspectors are checking to see if the homes are safe to live in. topper. well the clouds are rolling in. we'll take you out with temperatures. we have all kinds of things to talk about. flash flood watches in effect, we'll talk about spring and then a turn to winter. stay tuned. but up next, you still have time to take advantage of some great cyber monday discounts. we'll tell you about amazing deals available right now after the break.
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will set you back $495, the regular price is $695. and incentives to deck your house. and on men's invicta watches are now just $69.99. >> and has the slowy boot. it was $140 and now $48.99. lord and taylor has a short sleeve cashmere turtle neck for $120 and now $59. and 40% off the entire perfect core collection on and bath and body works will let you knock off another 25% on your entire order. and for more great deals on cyber monday, click on the ready, set, shop link on the top of our web page, anita? >> my head is spinning and i'm
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trying to take notes. but warning, online shoppers, a cyber warning for those selling illegal counterfeit goods and copy wright material. >> and as the shopping season gets underway, we warn consumers to exercise caution when looking for deals and discounts online. if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. >> and in fact holder said the government seized 82 domain names of online sellers, attempting to sell illegal stuff. consumers who visit any of those sites will be greeted with a banner saying the website has been seized by federal authorities. it's been a long, winding road for this year's u.s. capital christmas. the 67-foot tree traveled 4500 miles through 14 states before arriving in washington today. the spruce comes from wyoming and it will be decorated from ornaments made by people from that state. the tree lighting is set for december 7th. >> we have that one on the 7th
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and the national christmas tree on the 9th. a lot of stuff coming up. >> and if you like cold weather, if it puts you in the mood, it's on the way. >> apparently it will put us in the mood starting today. it's chilly. >> today was okay. it was 50 but not windy. the wind on the weekend was brutal. we are looking at treats in terms of temperatures for the first day of the week. here is what is looking -- what it is looking like downtown. 47 in the burbs, 47 in arlington. out to the west, still 46 in leesberg. 44 in reston. 47 in rockville. mainly in the mid to upper 40s east of town toward college park and beltsville. and temperatures falling and then level off as clouds come in and winds turn more southeasterly. satellite picture, radar combined, this is our next storm. this is a big one. it will have heavy snows in minnesota, parts of great lakes, severe weather from tennessee into the southeast and producing some big rains here and perhaps even some
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thunderstorms in the metro area. but not until late tuesday night and early on wednesday. in the meantime, you just throw some clouds our way tonight and so a dry commute home. and for the most part, most of you will have a dry commute on the way to work tomorrow. different story coming home. more like spring and then, boom, like winter. tuesday breezy and milder. wednesday, perhaps a thunderstorm. some wet commutes in the card. and then turning much, much colder into wednesday night and especially into thursday and friday. here is our future cast. by midnight, just a few clouds off to the west. they'll over spread the area into early morning hours. we'll be dry, but some showers west of town. so out toward i-81 or culpeper, maybe a shower. the best chance for showers is in the afternoon. a lot of clouds around. no doubt about that. and we get into the afternoon, more showers develop toward frederick and leesberg and the yellow indicates moderate rain into the afternoon hours and it
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will get heavier into late tuesday night. for tonight though, staying dry. increasing cloudiness, not as cold. 36-42, one of our colder mornings so far. tonight we should all stay above freezing. winds southeasterly at 10. lows tonight, 36 in gaithersburg. 37 in rockville. but downtown, and inside the beltway, probably about 40-42. upper 30sin college park and into bowie. plenty of 30s out to west in fairfax and reston and sterling. a 36 in leesberg and also in manassas. and tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy and breezy and chilly. a slight chance of a shower. winds southeast 10-15. a better chance of showers in the afternoon. high temperatures though, a bargain, 55-60 and winds increasing south easterly at 10- 20. now there is a flash flood watch in effect for the entire metro area, prince george's county, anne arundel county and points north and west, late tuesday night and into wednesday afternoon. don't have to worry about that until tomorrow. next three days, 57 tomorrow and showers primarily late and
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then rain and showers, maybe even a thunderstorm on wednesday, 57. but the blue arrow, temperatures will fall late in the day. look at what happens on thursday. only in the mid-40s. lesli, it was cold over the weekend. >> wait until thursday and friday. >> upper temperatures tuesday and wednesday. and there is your rain. and then only 42 on friday. even colder on saturday. temperatures only about 40. then we go into the mid-40s into sunday. and low 40s next monday. and i could have put a drop there but i didn't because i like you. >> thank you. thank you for liking us. >> i like you. >> thanks, topper. coming up next, we're talking about who will cohost this year's oscars. and still ahead, the nation's children's doctors say good bacteria, called probiotics are good for children's tummies. i'll explain how.
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two key figures in iran's nuclear program were targeted in separate attacks today in tehran. twin bombings killed one nuclear scientists and injured
5:25 pm
another. eyewitnesses say the bombers planted explosives on the scientists cars they drove to work. ahmadinejad blamed it on the west but others say it is government. and artillery drills is an announcement of a reversal of plans. but the south korean president vowed the north will pay. the norths that threatened to launch what it calls another merciless attack. joint military exercises between south korea and the u.s. continue, although weather today cut short the drills. the oregon teen accused of plotting to blow up a bomb during a christmas tree lighting ceremony is due in course. mohammed ma'am hued is accused.
5:26 pm
there is a request for stepped up security. the oscars were called fresh and talents. franco is talked about as a best actor nominee for the drama 127 hours and ann hathaway could guest a best actress nomination for the romance love and other drugs. coming up next, new at 5:30 -- >> i'm peggy fox in alexandria where three children were sent to the hospital this morning suffering carbon monoxide poisoning. the second such incident in two days. [ female announcer ] joe here likes saving money.
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right now new at 5:30, a carbon monoxide scare in one alexandria home spreads to the houses next door. a new report sheds light on how good bacteria called probiotics could be helpful to infants and kids. surely you can't be serious. >> i am serious, and don't call me shirley.
5:30 pm
>> and remembering the star of airline and the naked gun movie. carbon monoxide leaks have sent 12 people to hospitals in the past two days. >> and the most recent incident was this morning on ansell street. they were suffering from the silent killing. a bit of precaution can cut the danger. >> reporter: the carbon monoxide detector on john's top floor went off last night. he thought the batteries were dead until it happened again this morning. >> so they went in and they found that i had a high level of c -- what's that call -- monoxide levels. >> reporter: he lives next door to nunez where it was coming from. and his family were feeling
5:31 pm
nauseous. >> i said call 911. >> reporter: res -- rescue crews took them to the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning. >> reporter: some people think they only need a smoke detector. it won't warn if you if you have a deadly carbon monoxide leak. nunez didn't have a carbon monoxide inspector. they agreed to let someone check their gas appliances and furnace and hot water heater. >> gas, you can smell. carbon monoxide you won't smell it or taste it and you won't know it's there until it's too late. >> reporter: he recommends placing carbon monoxide detectors near all gas appliances. >> well it's a message i had heard before. and just been a little overconfident and not taken it seriously enough. >> reporter: alexandria's fire marshall said besides having a working carbon monoxide detector, you need to have your gas appliances and furnace
5:32 pm
checked by a heating technician once a year. he said if you wait until your detector goes off, that means you've already exposed your family. the most important thing however is to get one detector in your home. >> at least one, but peggy, you should have more than one? >> that's right. and i didn't realize that. some people put them on each level. you tolds me that earlier. but the michael and son technician recommends having one near every gas appliance and also near the bedrooms so you can be fully alerted. >> absolutely. peggy, thank you so much for that important information. the food and drug administration has recalled some children's cold medications from wholesalers and retailers and it includes three brands of tylenol cold symptom liquid products, benadryl allergy fast melt tablets and junior strength motrin and the adult role aids extra strength soft chews are
5:33 pm
being recalled after an uncharacteristic consistency in the product. and we're talking about fighting bad stomach bugs with good ones. probiotics are a way to help children get over certain ailments faster. but this is not a recommendation to use probiotics all of the time. ann feeds her daughter sophie a balanced diet, including goods pact -- things with good bacteria. >> we have cheese and yogurt with natural stuff in them. >> reporter: many products on the market for kids and adults help with benefits of probiotics. good bacteria which help ingestion and keep the intestinal tract healthy. now from the american academy of pediatrics said it has a healing power. >> if you have an acute infection, stomach bug or if a youngster is taking antibiotics, if they get
5:34 pm
diarrhea, they've been proven to be beneficial in that sense. >> reporter: although companies are marketing them, the pete at rick report does not -- the pediatric report does not recommend it in infant formula yet. >> what is the long-term benefit. >> reporter: and the pediatricians say they should not be given to children who are seriously ill or compromised immune systems. this mom said she will stick with getting the good fact beeria -- bacteria from food. >> there is no reason not to in a natural fashion. >> reporter: so doctors say more studies are needed before they can recommend probiotics for more serious digestion. they also say there is not enough evidence that this is a good idea for pregnant woman to start taking them. there is a big change for people on weight watchers, a very popular diet program overhauling it's point system for the first time in 13 years. it is added points for fat content and reducing points for fiber and all fruits and
5:35 pm
vegetables are zero points. so eat lots of those. they say it's not just about calories any more, but where the calories come from. a new dessert topping is grabbing at tension -- grabbing the attention of consumer. alcohol infused whipping cream is sold at liquor stores. it contains 15% alcohol. that's more than most wines and about 3 times more than a beer. three furry new faces are now on display at the national zoo. the zoo has moved three male cheetahs from the conservation center in front royal, virginia, to the main zoo here in northwest d.c. brothers drakeo, granger and zabiny are 5 and a half years old. another crisp and sunny day in our area. topper is on the terrace with your out-and-about forecast tonight. >> we didn't have the winds that we did on saturday. temperatures close to average. grab a light jacket if you're headed out. temperatures in the next hour or so, at 6:00, right around upper 40s, 48-49 and then
5:36 pm
falling into the mid-40s by 8:00. notice they go up at 10:00. clouds come in and winds turn southeast, so temperatures will not fall like a rock, like they did last night. one of our colder nights last night. ready for your count closeup, we'll start with fairfax county. look at how mild though, 57. fairfax, vienna, burke 57. and most of the showers after lunchtime. downtown, cleveland park 48. 57 on capitol hill. nice day except for the showers. you might want to grab your umbrella. you will need it on tuesday night and wednesday. at least locate it. 57 in darnsdown and olney. and 58 in bethesda with showers primarily in the afternoon. now the next three days, big changes on the way. 57 tomorrow with showers primarily in the afternoon. then we have rain showers and possibly a thunderstorm on wednesday. especially in the morning. we'll come back and talk about a flash flood watch just
5:37 pm
posted. and then look at what happens. on thursday, only 44 degrees. the coldest air on the way and we'll tell you if it lasts through the weekend. it looked like an explosion. a surveillance camera captures a car barreling through the -- through the wall of a restaurant. >> and stay with us. we're always on we'll be right back.
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5:39 pm
caught on tape, a deadly crash at a california burger restaurant. surveillance video shows this car that comes crashing into the front of toys restaurant in highland park. force killed a 52-year-old woman and injured three others. the driver lost control of the car and plowed through the restaurant wall. there is no word on whether any
5:40 pm
charges will be filed. also caught on tape, a train derailment in pueblo, colorado. look at the top of the screen. surveillance video from a nearby liquor store shows the black smoke rising as its cars crash into each other. 31 cars derailed. the cause of the crash still being investigated. the conductor and neuron board were not hurt. the cbs evening news is less than an hour away and katie curic joins us live from new york city with a preview. hi, katie. >> hi, lesli. cracking down on the owner of wick yes -- wiki leaks and we'll tell you what they are saying. and are people spending more this season. and how this man moved heaven and earth to fill his own backyard with stars. that's on the cbs evening news right after 9 news now. lesli, back to you.
5:41 pm
>> thank you, katie. and coming up on 9 news now -- >> reporter: sunday's loss has the redskins talking must-win now to describe the rest of their season. i'm dave owens, i'll have that story. i'm meteorologist topper shutt. a reminder, toy drive 9 is underway. we ask you to participate by dropping off a new unwrapped toy at any local fire department now through december 22nd. we appreciate your help. but first, who would you prefer to be the next king of england? prince charles or his son prince william? up next a new poll is causing controversy in great britain.
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. hi. eye maim is erin owens from the middle east. i want to say hi to my family
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my grandmother, my sisters, any friends don brawn and my sorority and everyone else in the d.c. area. merry christmas, miss you guys. this year is all about connectivity and the toys are no exception and so anita, our toy pick of the day fits the bill. this is the fisher price kid tough music player. so you can play it -- this is baby bumble bee. and there are a new of songs on here. >> that's happening. >> and then it's like a little karaoke machine. so if i want to say baby bumble bee, i can get my sing on with it. >> keep your day job. >> okay. but the thing about this is you're supposed to be able to drop it over and over again and not have a problem. i'm not going to do that. but i'll just do this. and it -- oh, oops. >> your supposed to be able to drop it and it's never supposed
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to stop. but apparently i have this pension for bringing out the other side of the toys in our toy of the day. any way, you can down load your favorite tunes from your i tune, your mp3 player, that's making you laugh. and it comes with a cable to do it. so presumably you drop this thing and the music doesn't stop. this is for ages 3-7. it is out of stock on target. amazon has them for $49.99 but you can get them on fisher price 20% off today. this would be yours for $40. >> live television. >> i'm going to turn it off now. >> no problem, lesli. we know it works. >> you can drop it again and again. the salvation army said donations to the red kettle campaign are down in d.c. because of the restrictions imposed by giant food stores. according to the organization, bell ringers took in $158,000 over eight days. that $74,000 less than the same time last year. the salvation army new policy
5:47 pm
at giant limits bell ringers to four hours a day over 12 days. giant made the change out of consideration for other charities that also want to collect. from turtle doves to lords aleaping, the cost of biting the items on the 12 days of christmas is going up. the bill for all 364 items is about $100,000. that's about an 11% jump from last year and one reason for the increase is the rise in gold prices. the cost of five gold rings is up to about $650. one undeniable result that its wedding announcement of the year has come from. it's been this huge surge in the popularity of prince william. and that is leading to more speculation about whether william and not his father prince charles should be the next monarch. two recent opinion polls in great britain say people feel william would be a better king. but as mark phillips reports, buckingham palace is trying to knock that idea on its head right now.
5:48 pm
>> reporter: from the time he was a child, through his teenage heart throb years, to dashing officer with his future bride by his side, prince william has always occupied a warm spot in british public opinion. it was an affection enhanced by the sympathy he received at the time of his mother's shocking death. and it's been a contrast to the public image enjoyed by his father who has blown so luke warm and cold over the years, that opinion polls have consistently shown william would be a more popular next king than his father; that the succession should skip a generation. don't hold your breath. nameless sources have said william wants to squash any speculation that his father won't be the next monarch. william, we're told, has no desire, to climb the ladder of kingship prematurely. >> prince william would be deeply embarrassed if he was put in the role of kingship
5:49 pm
before his father because that's what his father has worked towards. so it won't happen. >> reporter: any way, the 84- year-old queen who has just returned from a visit from the gulf is still in excellent health. there does not seem to be any urgency in discussing who will succeed her. and while we're speculating, could it be the wedding will bring prince harry and his on and off girlfriend chelsea davie to his brother's wedding? stay tuned. >> william hopes that his popularity will hope with the bid to host the world cup of soccer in 2018. he's due to travel to zurich with david beckham and others where the host country decision will be made later in week. >> this thing will keep blowing up. >> it's going and going and going. >> i think it's popular because everybody loves kate. >> could be. rubbing off on us. enjoy tomorrow, upper 50s. >> we will. >> enjoy wednesday, upper 50s. >> and then it's going down. >> i like it cold.
5:50 pm
>> you do? well get ready. be careful what you wish for. 49 right now. not bad. high was 52 and the low this morning was 32. the first time national is down to the freezing mark so far. 44 in bethesda. and mainly in the 40s, pretty much across the board. 46 toward leesberg and also in college park, 44 up in beltsville. here is the deal. more like spring and then we snap back to winter. tuesday, breezy and milder. wednesday heavy rain. maybe even a thunderstorm on wednesday. get ready for wet commutes, especially wednesday morning. and then turning colder wednesday evening. for tonight, though, increasing clouds, we stay dry. not as cold. clouds keep temperatures up, 36- 42 and winds southeasterly at 10. lows tonight, 36 in gaithersburg, but 42 downtown. 36 in bowie. and upper 30s in reston and sterling and maybe 36 towards leesberg but not nearly as cold as last night. mostly cloudy breezy and chilly in the morning. 30s and 40s. a slight chance of a shower. most of the showers occur after
5:51 pm
lunchtime. freezey and milder with showers and high 55-60. winds increase southeast at 10- 20 and gusty. next three days, 57 tomorrow and on wednesday. heaviest rain tuesday night into wednesday morning and then temperatures fall only to the mid-40s with sunshine on thursday. next seven days, here comes cold air. low 40s on friday. only around 40 on saturday with sunshine. a fair amount of clouds on sunday and monday. mid-40s on sunday and then low 40s on monday. could see some mountain snow showers on monday and could see a flake here but i left it off again, because i like you. >> he likes us. >> thank you, topper. last week you sat here and you said you never know what you will get when brett favre comes to town and oh, boy. >> and you never know what you will get when you play a team that just fired their coach. so if the redskins fired shanahan, they would have one win guaranteed. i'm not saying, i'm just suggesting -- i'm not
5:52 pm
suggesting, i'm just saying. you would think you were watching tom brady or manning and the colts. for the first drive they did everything right and then after that they did nothing right. dave owen with how such a promising start turns into a dud of a finish. >> and here is favre with a first down. >> reporter: redskin defenders spent monday just how 41-year- old brett favre finished them off. >> just miscommunication. two guys going on the same guy. i was supposed to be coverage and favre made a great play and we weren't able to rally. >> we understand we need to stop them to get the ball back to the offense and yesterday we just weren't able to do that. >> reporter: that is the small picture. and here is the big picture. assuming they don't win the east, the redskins will have to battle for two wild card spots. and as of today, with only 5 games remaining, they'll have to leap frog five time teams -- teams to get there.
5:53 pm
>> we have two games back with five to go. there is not a lot of room for error. we have to run the table. >> we have to play in new york and we'll start with that. if we can't beat new york, i don't know where we go from there. >> it would be likely season over. and deangelo hall believes the teams six losses may be too many already. >> i feel like we're already at the point where it's too many. too many things need to happen for us to actually get in there and make the playoffs. it's definitely a long shot. it's definitely a long shot. >> reporter: dave owens, 9 sports now. >> it is a long shot. but just three years ago they sat where they sit right now 5- 6 and they rattled off wins at the end of the season. it is not impossible. it's a long shot, i grant you, partly sunny a pipe dream, i grant you.
5:54 pm
>> what is the motivation? >> maybe those five games. maybe that will help motivate them to get it done? >> they could have had motivation the first 11 games. and we'll talk about young perry reilly that brought back the punt return. bruce johnson wants to take him out back and put him in the wood chipper. i don't think that will happen but people are not happy with that young man. from a wise cracking doctor to a fumbling detective, remembering the star of airline and the naked gun movies. and coming upnew at 6:00 -- >> secrets exposed -- this is bruce leshan. world leaders condemn the leak of hundreds of thousands of state department cables and warn about the long-term impact on american diplomacy. i'm peggy fox with it's cyber monday. did you snag any great deals today or on black friday? there are stories of people staying up all night to get in line for a good deal on an ipod
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5:58 pm
the dow finished dunn 39 points to close at 11,052. the nasdaq fell 9 points and the s&p 500 dropped 1 point. leslie nielson is dead. >> the star of airline and the naked gun died overnight in florida from complications of pneumonia. we take a look back at his career. >> you better tell the captain we have to land as soon as we can. this woman has to be goaten to a hospital. >> a hospital, what is it? >> it's a big building with patients. but that's not important right now. >> reporter: until his break out role in airplane, leslie nielsen had roles playing bland authority figures. >> thank you for your help garret. >> reporter: and in once his entire career took off. the delivery of asserted dialogue brought him out of the background and made him a star. >> you can fly this plane and land it?
5:59 pm
>> surely, you can't be serious. >> i am serious, and don't call me shirley. >> reporter: born in 1926 in canada, he studied at the academy of radio arts and moves to new york where he began his career in the 1950s. in 1988 he began a break- through tv and film series of his own, the naked gun. he starred as frank trebin, a detective ignorant of what is going on around him. >> he receive aid star in the hallywood walk of fame in 1988 and filmed his last role in the yet to be released scary movie 5. he was 84. thanks for joining us for 9 news now at 5:00. 9 news now at 6:00 starts right


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